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Industrial RO Plant
Provided array of Industrial RO Plant acts as cost effective option to produce germ free drinking water. It contains multiple filters that also include reverse osmosis membranes for complete eradication of all sorts of impurities of water. This low maintenance plant is offered in different capacity based option.
Mineral Water Plant
This food grade stainless steel made Mineral Water Plant can be operated under room temperature. This system is used for precise filling of PET or PP and glass bottles. Versatile  quality, application of bottle neck holding method, abrasion protected structure, low noise operation and long working life are  its main features.
Commercial RO
Provided range of Commercial RO has been designed to meet water purification needs of various industries. This low cost RO system is acknowledged for its reliable operating method, low wastage rate, less downtime level and corrosion proof structure. It can be installed easily.
Water Softening Plant
Water Softening Plant is basically used to treat hardness of water by removing its magnesium and calcium ions. Utilization of cutting edge purification technique, effective removal of bacteria and colloidal particles, long service life and high desalination capacity are its main characteristics.
Water Purification Plant
This Water Purification Plant is acknowledged for its high output rate, error free operation and reliable functioning. It uses reverse osmosis based water filtration method for total eradication of harmful contaminants present in river, well and spring water for producing drinking water.
Water Treatment Plant
Offered Water Treatment Plant is used for purification of industrial waste water and drinking water. This plant contains a number of filtering components, dosing system, flushing pump, PLC controller and ion exchanger. Energy efficient operation, contamination free operating method and low maintenance cost are its key attributes.
Demineralization Plant
Demineralizaion Plant offered by us has been made from food grade stainless steel. Quick to install, its productivity level is high. Driven by PLC based operating system, this plant has low downtime rate and low wastage level. Moreover, its maintenance charge is affordable.
Mineralization Plant
Offered in different weight, purification capacity and other specifications based options, this Mineralization Plant is cost effective and its maintenance charge is less. Designed by skilled professionals, this plant has high production rate. Low energy consumption, compact shape, less installation charge and easy to replace parts are its main factors.
LPH RO Plant
Designed by veteran professionals, this LPH RO Plant is acknowledged for its efficient filtration technique. Advanced filtering components of this plant are used to remove all sorts of contaminated particles found in untreated water. Easy to handle and maintain, this plant requires less labor force to operate.
Desalination Plant
Ergonomically designed Desalination Plant is preferred for its user friendly operation, environment friendly mechanism, low noise level and hygienic working condition. Its high speed operation helps to minimize project cost. Simple to install, operate and maintain, this cost effective plant is reckoned for its low energy consumption rate.
Water Filtration Plant
Offered range of Water Filtration Plant is preferred for its high output level, easy operating system and long working life. Entire structure of this plant is made of 304 or 316 grade stainless steel and all its contact parts are made of similar material to avoid contamination.
Bottling Plant
This PLC controlled Bottling Plant is made of food grade stainless steel. Ideal for filling PET made bottles, this plant is preferred for its simple mechanism, high production rate and accessibility in customized specifications. This plant is abrasion protected and its failure rate is minimal.
Ion Exchange Plant
Our ion exchange plants are intended for given feed water. Some varieties are satisfactory, and ought to be considered, however our systems cannot be planned effectively for immensely unique water types.
Industrial Ultrafiltration Plant
When the convergence of an explicit component surpasses the requirements of the decomposer for biosynthesis or capacity then it will mineralize in our industrial ultra filtration plant.

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